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Point of Sale Software

$ 40
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Order Management

Order management in restaurant point-of-sale software involves efficiently handling and tracking customer orders to ensure timely delivery.

Menu Management

With simple menu creation and customization features, restaurant staff can easily manage their menus, including adding items, setting prices, and configuring availability times. Additionally, the system allows for pricing flexibility and management of specials and discounts to meet restaurant needs.

Payment Integration

Payment integration in the point-of-sale system for restaurants allows for the smooth processing of online transactions by accepting multiple payment methods, including credit cards and mobile payments.

Inventory Management

Foodship offers efficient inventory management, with features like supplier list management, stock monitoring, and automated alerts for low inventory, restaurant staff can easily manage their inventory levels and prevent stockouts.

Table Management

Table management in restaurant POS systems helps handle table reservations, assign tables to customers, and check table status in POS.

Report and Analytics

Reporting and analytics is a great tool for restaurant managers to make informed decisions. It offers real-time insights helping managers boost productivity, revenue

Staff Management

Foodship POS offers a for employee management sokutionfor Canadian restaurants, providing a cloud-based platform for scheduling and tracking time and attendance. It allows managers to adjust staffing levels based on customer traffic, with features like staff profiles, shift blocking, shift swapping, online roster access, and check-in/check-out verification.

QR code-based ordering

Foodship's POS includes a QR-code ordering system for restaurants, allowing staff to generate QR codes from the backend. Customers can easily scan these codes using iOS or Android phones, streamlining ordering and payment without paper menus or server assistance, promoting hygiene, saving on labor costs, and enhancing the dining experience.

Online Order Integration

With online order integration in their point of sale system, customers can order food online from different websites. The orders go straight to the restaurant's system, making it easier and faster to prepare them, and avoiding mistakes.

Run on any device

Foodship's POS lets restaurant staff use it on any device, like tablets or iPads, with Android and iOS apps, which is great for small and medium-sized restaurants looking for an affordable solution. It's easy to use across different devices, accessible from the cloud, flexible, and can grow with your business without trouble.


Foodship's cloud-based admin panel lets restaurant owners and managers access real-time data from anywhere with the internet, helping them analyze performance and make informed decisions, including tasks like checking reports, managing menus, and monitoring employee activity.


Printer Integration

Foodship POS offers printer integration, allowing one printer to connect to multiple devices, and zonal printing for different restaurant areas, optimizing efficiency and saving costs on hardware. This means restaurants can use one printer for both POS and online orders, streamlining operations and saving space.

Calendar integration

Integrating calendars into restaurant POS systems helps manage reservations, events, and staff shifts smoothly, improving coordination and reducing scheduling issues for better restaurant operation.

Role and Permission

Restaurant POS systems include role-based access control (RBAC), which assigns specific access levels to staff based on their roles, enhancing security and ensuring smooth operations. For example, managers can access reports and modify menus, cashiers handle payments, and waiters oversee their shift timings, streamlining restaurant tasks while maintaining security.

Customer Relationship Management

In restaurant POS systems, customer relationship management tracks data like order history and preferences, enabling personalized experiences and targeted marketing to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Happy Hours

Happy hours discount in point of sale system for restaurants allows the business to offer special pricing during designated hours, enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing sales during off-peak hours.

Run POS on Multiple Screens

Restaurants can use multiple screens in their point of sale system to show different things, such as orders, kitchen instructions, and payments. This helps staff to talk to each other, avoid mistakes, and manage the restaurant better.

Bill Splits

Foodship POS offers bill-splitting, allowing restaurants to streamline the settlement process and ensure smooth checkouts, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. This feature can split bills based on specific items ordered, equally among diners.

Online Ordering System

$ 60
/ Month

Table Reservation System

Table reservation system in online ordering system for restaurants enables customers to easily book tables, reducing wait times, providing convenience, and enhancing overall customer experience.

Gift Card System

Foodship's restaurant gift card system boosts revenue and cash flow, letting customers easily buy and share cards online. There are two types: Retail Gift Cards, valid for dine-in and online orders, and Complimentary Gift Cards, offered for customer satisfaction, encouraging repeat visits.

QR code/Contactless Order

Foodship's QR-code ordering feature lets staff create downloadable QR codes from the backend. Customers can use their iOS or Android phones to scan the codes, streamlining ordering without paper menus, enhancing efficiency, saving on labor, and promoting hygiene and safety.

Loyalty program

Foodship's loyalty program encourages customers to order frequently through the website, rewarding their loyalty. Restaurants can control how customers earn and use reward points, including setting spending thresholds and offering bonuses for first orders.

Zero commission

No commission in restaurant online ordering lets restaurants accept unlimiyed online orders and payments without extra fees or comission. This help restaurant to get orders without paying any comission. 

Unlimited Order

Unlimited orders in an online food ordering system means there's no limit to the number of orders a restaurant can receive, ensuring seamless scalability and maximizing revenue potential

Unlimited Menu items

Unlimited menu items in an online food ordering system allow restaurants to offer a wide variety of dishes, catering to diverse tastes and preferences, ultimately attracting more customers and increasing sales. This feature provides flexibility for menu changes and promotions.

Half and half pizza options

Offering half-and-half pizza options in an online food ordering system allows customers to customize their orders freely, satisfying diverse tastes and preferences, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction by getting flavours of two pizza in one.

Unlimited Combo Option

Unlimited combo options in an online food ordering system enable customers to create customized meal combinations, catering to individual preferences and increasing satisfaction, which can lead to repeat orders and higher revenue for the restaurant.

Free Website and Web Hosting

Foodship provides free website templates for restaurants to create an online presence alongside their ordering system, offering flexibility to match their brand's style. If you have an existing website, you can integrate Foodship's online ordering system for unlimited commission-free orders, customize cart designs, and connect your domain for a professional online presence.



Easy menu upload

Uploading menus on the online ordering system for restaurants is simple and efficient, enabling easy updates and minimizing mistakes for better management and control.

SMS Notification

SMS notifications in restaurant online ordering systems send instant updates to customers via SMS about their orders, improving communication and ensuring timely delivery.

Special Discounts and Coupons

Foodship values customer satisfaction in restaurants and offers various rewards to encourage repeat orders, such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals or automatic discounts based on purchase conditions. Additionally, restaurants can create coupons for special events or offer discounts during happy hours, promoting loyalty and larger orders.

No Contract

No contracts in restaurant online ordering systems offer flexibility and simplicity, allowing restaurants to manage their online sales without long-term commitments, saving costs and hassle.

Online Ordering System

Online food ordering systems enable customers to conveniently order food from restaurants through digital platforms, offering benefits such as easy access to menus, efficient ordering processes, and the flexibility to schedule deliveries or pickups according to preference, enhancing overall dining experiences.

Order Receiving Application

Foodship offers an app called ORA for restaurant staff to manage orders efficiently on their phones, with features like receiving new orders in real-time and confirming table reservations swiftly. The app simplifies voucher redemption, allows for temporary closures, and helps mark unavailable items, enhancing staff productivity and customer service.

Printer Integration

Printer integration with online food ordering systems allows restaurants to automatically print KOTs and receipts. This integration enhances efficiency and speeds up order processing.

With our restaurant online ordering system, restaurant POS systems, and QR code order systems, you can experience top-notch restaurant management without any surprises.

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