QR Code Ordering System for Restaurants in Canada

What is QR-Code Ordering System?

Restaurant QR code ordering systems are self-ordering systems for restaurants. This is also known as a contactless self-ordering system or table-ordering system.

What are the benefits of implementing a contactless QR code ordering System in restaurants?

What is the functioning process of Foodship's QR code self-ordering?

The QR code self-ordering system is completed in six easy steps:

Payment Options

Foodship’s QR code self-ordering system offers more than one option to pay for the food bill.

  • Customers have the option to place orders and settle their bills in cash.

  • Restaurant managers have the option to enable/disable the cash option depending on the business model.

  • After placing an order using the QR code self-ordering system, customers can settle their bill through online payment methodbillss like credit or debit cards.

  • Foodship empowers restaurants to prompt customers to pre-pay for their meals either while placing the order or, in other case, restaurants can settle the bill at the end of the meal.

  • With a pin-based system, the restaurant staff issues a unique 4-digit pin to each customer, generated via the POS system.

  • The pin will be printed on the receipt by the POS printer.

  • This removes the necessity for customers to pay after each order, as all orders are consolidated on the customer's table within the POS system, allowing payment to be processed in the end.

  • The use of this pin system is the restaurant's choice. If a restaurant prefers customers to place orders without employing the pin, they can do so. The pin-based payment option offers an extra layer of security.

Imp Notice: The pin feature is available only with the Foodship POS system.

Printer & QR Code

Printer Integration

Foodship offers connectivity with various types of printers, e.g., Cloud printers, Network printers, and Bluetooth printers, that can easily integrate into a Foodship QR code ordering system available with the point-of-sale system or online food ordering platform.

Printable QR Codes

Contactless Self Ordering System is available in three different modes.

Standalone System

Foodship provides an iOS and Android-based mobile app, named Order Receiving App (ORA). Through this app, restaurants can receive orders, and if required, restaurants can integrate ORA orders with the restaurant’s printer.

Online Food Ordering System

Through the restaurant’s online ordering system, all orders are directed to the Order Receiving App (ORA). This integration enables the restaurant to centrally manage both online and in-person orders.

Point of sale System

The Foodship POS system accepts QR code orders and walk-in orders. If you currently use a different restaurant POS system and wish to incorporate the Foodship QR code ordering system, we offer API access to facilitate a easy integration.