White Label Online Ordering & POS System

Profitable Partnerships: Resell Foodship's Budget-Friendly Restaurant Management System Under Your Brand.

  • Any aspiring entrepreneur can become a Foodship white-label reseller dealer in just four simple steps:

    a. Register yourself with Foodship.

    b. Speak with a Foodship product specialist for an obligation-free demonstration and a discussion about Foodship products and their benefits.

    c. Purchase the reseller licenses from Foodship.

    d. Sell the Foodship license under your brand to new restaurants in your area or network.

    Foodship offers an extensive suite of white-label products, which means you can provide all Foodship products to restaurant clients under your brand, ensuring your customers will never notice the Foodship brand.

  • As a fully hosted service, Foodship takes responsibility for the technological aspects, while you, as a reseller, are responsible for managing customer service duties for your restaurant clients.

  • Resellers have complete freedom to choose their own pricing model. This means resellers can charge customers based on negotiated deals with restaurants, and Foodship never interferes with the reseller's pricing model.

  • Under no circumstances will there be any direct interaction between Foodship and your restaurant client, ensuring that your client exclusively belongs to you.

As a white-label reseller, there are multiple income streams

Subscription reselling:

As a Foodship reseller dealer, your main source of income will be from selling Foodship's restaurant billing software and online food ordering system to restaurants at your price.


Resellers can charge their customers for premium support. Over here, premium support means charging a fee for technical assistance, training, and consulting services.

Hardware seller:

Resellers can sell hardware like POS machines, tablets, and printers to their restaurant partners. Resellers have complete flexibility to source these themselves from the market or buy them from Foodship at a discounted rate. Foodship never forces its resellers to purchase hardware from us.

Imp Note: Foodship is a platform-independent software service; Foodship is compatible with a broad range of hardware.

Selling SEO and SMO services:

Most restaurants require services like social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve better customer engagement and enhance their online visibility. Based on your expertise, you can offer any of these services to restaurants for an appropriate fee.

As a Foodship white-label reseller, you'll have all the necessary tools and resources to establish yourself as a software service provider to the hospitality industry.

  1. Product Suite:

    The Foodship product suite consists of many software and tools required by the hospitality industry.

    • Order receiving app(ORA)

    • Restaurant online ordering system

    • Gift voucher system

    • Rewards point system

    • QR Code Ordering System

    • Cloud Point of sale system

    • Offline app for Restaurant POS System (optional)

  2. Training:

    Foodship believes in the mantra that 'exceptional customer service is the key to happy customers.' Foodship will provide thorough training on the product suite, empowering resellers to provide excellent support, and thus generate more revenue from their restaurant customers.

  3. Billing Application:

    Reseller can use the Foodship billing app to bill their restaurants under their own brand. This provides resellers with a chance to build a brand equity among their clientele. Moreover, reseller can use this billing application to create invoice for various other services like SMO services, graphic design, and SEO. Billing Application will be granted exclusively to authorized resellers who fulfill the Foodship criteria.

  4. Demo System:

    The demo System helps the reseller demonstrate the features and capabilities of the Foodship product suite to their potential customers under their own brand. Resellers who meet Foodship's criteria will be eligible for a demo license.

  5. Personal Branding:

    Being a white-label product, Foodship products can easily be rebranded under the reseller logo and brand name, establishing them as a trademarked software service provider. This feature facilitates resellers in separate themselves from competitors and creates their own brand identity.

  6. Technical support:

    We have a dedicated team to assist resellers with any issues caused by bugs in Foodship's product suite. If resellers face any technical problems, our technical support is readily available to help reseller.

Foodship is open to discussing new ideas and features related to Restaurant Management. If you have specific requirements, our team is eager to understand your evolving needs, whether it involves adding new modules or providing custom features. We are always open to discussing these possibilities. Additionally, the Foodship system is flexible enough to integrate with third-party apps using APIs.

Foodship offers a Super Admin feature that assists resellers in managing billing for their restaurant customers. Foodship billing system is a white label product and can be connected with reseller domain. Resellers can generate and send subscription invoices and track payments from their restaurant. This Super Admin feature is completely optional and available for free to selected reseller partners. Additionally, restaurants can utilize this feature for their own business needs, including website design, domain hosting, SEO, graphic design, and consultancy services.

Foodship is a platform-independent software service that supports a wide range of hardware, including network printers and cloud printers. Setting up these printers is easy and requires minimal configuration.

Important Note: Resellers are free to purchase POS machines, printers, and tablets from the open market or from us at discounted prices. Foodship never restricts its resellers to exclusively purchase hardware from us.

Foodship offers a demo portal option for resellers with their own brand and logo. The Demo Portal is completely free of charge, available only for eligible resellers who meet Foodship's criteria. Resellers can use this demo portal to showcase Foodship products and their features to potential customers.


What steps do I need to take to become a Foodship white-label reseller partner?

Aspiring entrepreneurs must follow these steps to become a Foodship white-label reseller partner:

1. Go to the reseller page on the Foodship website.
2. Complete the "Enquire for Reselling" form with the necessary details.
3. The Foodship team will reach out to you and arrange a meeting to discuss the advantages of becoming a white-label reseller partner.

Is it possible to integrate Foodship's Online Food Ordering System and Point of Sale System with third-party software or services?

Absolutely yes, Foodship's point of sale system and online food ordering system are designed to integrate with a variety of third-party software that holds significance for restaurant business. We have integration with notable names like Google Maps, Twilio SMS, and prominent payment gateways such as Secure Pay, Stripe, Tyro, and Poli, as well as SMTP email senders. Our development team is in constant motion, actively incorporating an array of other third-party tools and APIs into the system. If you have any particular requirement, we humbly request you to contact with our product specialist.

Do Foodship provide support to retailers?

Foodship offers direct support to its resellers, rather than the individual restaurants they cater to. In the event that a reseller is unable to resolve an issue, Foodship is happy to provide assistance and guidance to the reseller so that they can then extend this support to their customers.

As a white label reseller, how much can I charge my customers for Foodship services?

White-label resellers enjoy full flexibility in designing their own pricing model for restaurants. For instance, a reseller might decide to charge a one-time setup fee while on-boarding new customers or a recurring monthly maintenance fee. Furthermore, resellers have the option to charge for any extra modules included in the standard package.

What is the process for on-boarding the clients of resellers onto the Foodship platform?

The reseller will provide all the necessary details to the account manager at Foodship, including the restaurant name, menu, email address, contact numbers, address, and brand logo. The Foodship backend team will then prepare a client portal and integrate it into the super admin account. On average, the entire process is completed within 1- 2 working days.

Do I need to have a legal business entity in order to collaborate with Foodship as a white label reseller?

No, Foodship does not require a legal business entity. As an individual, you qualify to initiate your digital business as a white-label reseller.

What should be done if a customer decides to cancel their subscription?

If a customer cancels their subscription, the reseller should promptly inform the Foodship Team. This ensures that Foodship discontinues billing for the restaurant license.