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Canada's Leading Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

Foodship specializes in offering comprehensive restaurant management software solutions. Our product suite empowers Canadian restaurants and takeaways with essential tools to streamline their operations. From an efficient online food ordering system to a convenient contactless self-ordering system, as well as restaurant billing software and an online reservation platform, we’ve catered to every aspect of the hospitality business.

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Online Ordering Menu System

With Foodship’s online food ordering system, menu management is a child’s play. Even non-techie staff can easily add, edit, or remove menu items using an iPad, tablet, or mobile device.

The salient features of the Foodship online ordering menu system are:

Online Table Reservation

Online Table Reservation System

Foodship’s online food ordering platform comes with the great feature of table booking for dine-in customers. This functionality is important for restaurants that face high table reservation demand, especially during events like holiday parties or live music nights. Online table booking proves to be a valuable tool for efficient event management.

Foodship’s table reservation system can be easily integrated with your existing website as an add-on module. It can also be linked with Google’s proprietary “Book a Table” feature. When customers want to reserve a table at your restaurant and search on Google, they’ll see a “Book A Table” button. This will let them book through your table reservation system.

Restaurant staff have access a complete calendar view to manage table reservations, allowing them to check the current status and utilize this feature to confirm tables for guests.

Foodship - Restaurant Gift Voucher System

Restaurant Gift Card System

Foodship’s digital restaurant gift card system proves to be the best tool for improving restaurant revenue and cash flow. Customers have the convenience of purchasing gift cards online through your restaurant’s website and sharing them with their loved ones.

There are two types of gift cards:

Foodship - Contactless Table Ordering System

Contactless Table Ordering System

Restaurant staff can easily download QR codes from the Foodship website (Admin Panel) and position them on tables. Customers can then scan these QR codes using their mobile phones to access the digital menu, place orders, and make payments without installing any apps. This QR code ordering system is especially beneficial for high-traffic dine-in restaurants.

The QR code ordering system is compatible with Foodship’s Point-of-sale system, ensuring synchronization of QR code orders with the POS system.

The main features of Foodship’s QR code self-ordering system are: 

Restaurant Loyalty Program

The restaurant’s loyalty program is designed to motivate your customers to frequently order through your restaurant’s website, providing them with a rewarding experience for their loyalty.

The Foodship loyalty system offers the following controls:

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