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Request A Demo A point of sale that
does it all.
Discover the perfect blend of simplicity
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No Contract / No Setup Fee / 1 Month Free Trial POS System Tailored for Australian Restaurants! Claim Your Trial POS Banner

Interface Magic

The Ultimate User Delight!
Our POS software is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for your staff to learn and use. Say goodbye to complicated training sessions and hello to increased efficiency.

Feature Frenzy

All-in-One Awesomeness!
Our feature-rich POS software covers best aspects of restaurant management. From order management and table reservations to inventory tracking and employee scheduling, we've got you covered.

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We believe in providing exceptional customer support to ensure your satisfaction. Our knowledgeable support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have, ensuring a smooth experience

Menu Management

Foodship’s POS system is made especially for Canadian cafes and restaurants. It is one of the best solutions for your restaurant when it comes to its user-friendly interface. Foodship’s simple and intuitive design helps restaurant staff easily design and manage their menu.

Inventory Management

Foodship’s top-notch restaurant POS solution is designed for all kinds of food businesses in Canada, including food trucks, delivery services, small cafes, quick-service restaurants, and eateries serving international cuisines like Chinese and Indian food. Our all-in-one POS empowers businesses to efficiently manage their inventory. This cloud-based system ensures that restaurants always maintain appropriate inventory levels, preventing stockouts. The best part of our inventory management is that if the inventory drops below the reorder point, our POS software promptly alerts the restaurant staff.

Here are some of the most popular features of our inventory management:

QR code ordering system

One of the best features of the Foodship POS system is the QR-code ordering system for restaurants. With this system, restaurant staff can generate downloadable QR codes from the Foodship POS backend. Customers can scan the QR codes using an iOS or Android-based mobile phone without installing any apps.

Key advantages that come with Foodship’s POS-based QR-code ordering system:

Employee Management and Scheduling

Foodship POS offers the best solution for employee management for small restaurants in Canada. It empowers restaurant managers to efficiently handle their staff by providing a cloud-based, centralized platform for employee scheduling and time and attendance tracking. One significant advantage of this feature is the ability to manage employee schedules in accordance with expected customer traffic. By having complete control over staffing levels, restaurant managers can ensure they have the right number of employees during busy periods.

Key features of employee management and scheduling are:

Reporting and Analytics

Foodship’s reporting and analytics solution is one of the most popular tools for restaurant managers aiming to make well-informed decisions. With real-time insights available through our Android and iOS applications, as well as web-based interfaces, restaurant managers can confidently make data-driven choices that improve restaurant productivity, increase revenue, and amplify customer satisfaction.

Our solution is especially advantageous for small and mid-sized restaurants seeking a complete yet affordable solution. The full-service nature of Foodship’s POS software extends to its reporting capabilities.

Some key reports generated by our reporting tools encompass:

Run on any device


Foodship’s POS empowers restaurant staff to access the POS from any device. The Foodship has Android and iOS-based applications that enable restaurant staff to handle various tasks using handheld devices like tablets, iPads, and touch-screen-based POS billing machines. This feature is really important for small and midsized restaurants seeking a cost-effective solution.

When we say Foodship POS, runs on any device, we mean

Explore the functionalities offered by our restaurant point of sale system